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Caribbean Community of Retired Persons Founder Congratulates Gleaner Company Pensioners

CCRP Founder and CEO Mrs. Jean Lowrie Chin addressed a group of Gleaner Pensioners at a Gleaner Company luncheon on March 27, 2012. The following are highlights of her address.

Mrs. Lowrie-Chin told the pensioners they were ‘pillars’ of their organization, adding, “It is because of sterling individuals like yourselves that I founded our organization, The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP).

We at CCRP are proud that our two Honorary Directors are retired Governors General – Sir Howard Cooke and Sir Kenneth Hall,” she told the pensioners, adding that both gentlemen continued to make valuable contributions to their communities.

She congratulated the Gleaner Company for being the oldest newspaper in the western hemisphere and a guardian of press freedom.  She noted that the Gleaner began publication in 1834, and was publicly registered and listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in 1898. The Weekend Star was introduced in 1962, the year of Jamaica’s Independence. The year 1997 saw the launch of the Gleaner’s website as well as the daily printing of the Miami Herald International Satellite Edition. However, the latter was discontinued in 1999.

The CCRP Founder-CEO acknowledged that there was a great deal to be done to ensure that Jamaica’s fast growing senior population receive the respect and opportunities they deserved. However, she challenged the pensioners not wait on the authorities, stressing, “We have among us, the expertise to propose energy solutions (and) the knowledge to share with communities under threat so that they can become more productive and less threatening. Those of us who are not ambulatory can still write letters and make telephone calls to further the cause of retired persons.”

Mrs. Chin added that it was the vision of CCRP to ensure that the pensioners, who had built the country and made invaluable sacrifices, would be able to have a safe and harmonious retirement. Their stories should be preserved and their legacies honoured. “Your legacies must enrich the next generation and motivate them to strive harder for our country. Our organization will be working diligently to make it happen”, she said, noting, “Pensioners have the power to make the change, not only for ourselves but also for the future of other Jamaicans.”

Sharing a favourite quote of CCRP Chair Professor Denise Eldemire, “Youth is the gift of nature but age is the work of art (Garson Kanin)” Mrs. Lowrie Chin offered the Gleaner pensioners tips gleaned from past CCRP empowerment seminars on health, wealth management and security (see below).


At the Wellness Seminar, the two main speakers, Professor Denise Eldemire-Shearer, CCRP Chair, and distinguished member, Dr Anthony Vendryes gave very useful tips on:

-Aging Healthily:

1.      Maintain mental and physical health

2.      Avoid disease and disorders

3.      Remain active and independent


Do it with Purpose :

1.      Follow a nutritious diet

2.      Exercise regularly

3.      Stay mentally active


Dr Eldemire-Shearer’s Recipe for a fruitful retirement:

· Gather information

· Clarify options· Have a plan

· Set goals

· Reassess and change as necessary


Recognizing and working aging to your beneifit:

1.      Reorder our priorities

2.      Examine our values

3.      Face the fact that we may eventually need such assistance as care-givers.


At the CCRP financial planning seminar Mr Sushil Jain urged retirees to have a varied portfolio that should include the equities market.

Recommended Financial Security Plan:

·        Reduce/eliminate debt such as credit cards, car loans and any other high interest loans

·        Adopt a lifestyle appropriate for your income

·        Reduce traveling

·        Reduce utility bills

·        Ensure timely payment of bills and debts to avoid penalty charges e.g. bank overdraft, utilities and mortgages etc.

·        Reduce eating out and buy seasonal produce

·        Shop around and compare prices and where possible buy wholesale

·        Reduce mortgage debt

·        Avoid showing off

·        Explore additional sources of income


Representatives of the Guardsman Group at the CCRP Safety Seminar briefed retirees on:

Ways of improving Security Measures :

·        become very observant of your environment

·        take advantage of technology and secure yourselves.

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