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CCRP and PSOJ Hold Consultations on Tax Reform Proposal

PSOJ President Joseph M. Matalon invited representatives of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) to a meeting after their expression of concern regarding the PSOJ Tax Reform Proposal. CCRP had circulated a press release noting that some of the recommended measures would have adversely affected the poor and elderly.

At the meeting held between CCRP Founder-CEO, Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin and Mr. Matalon, last Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Mr. Matalon gave a detailed analysis of the PSOJ Proposal. He pointed out that in a wider context, the reforms would strengthen the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) and that the proposed tax on dividends would be mitigated by a proposed reduced corporate tax regime.  He said the proposal also called for urgent social intervention for the indigent and elderly.  He acknowledged that the PSOJ proposal had not recommended raising the taxation threshold for pensioners or the increase in pension allowance as requested by the CCRP, but he was in agreement that this should be addressed.

Mrs. Lowrie-Chin thanked the PSOJ President for taking the time to explain the issues and said that she would be sharing the analysis available on the PSOJ website with the CCRP membership.

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