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CCRP Concerned About Increase In Crimes Against Seniors

The CCRP expressing concern about the incease in crimes against the nation's elderly


The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons Limited (CCRP) is expressing concern over the recent spate of violence and other acts of crime being committed against the country’s senior citizens.  It is said that the true measure of a nation lies in how it treats its elderly.  The affection and care that we exhibit towards the welfare of our senior citizens are true manifestations of who we are as a people.  CCRP is alarmed over the frequency with which our seniors fall prey to gruesome acts of murder, various forms of abuse and a host of other crimes, mirror a society that is either totally unaware or unappreciative of the treasure that lies within its seniors.

Sylvia Sewell, an 84 year old Gleaner vendor, who was chopped to death, on  Thursday, May 30 by a man said to be of unsound mind is just one in a series of horrific acts committed against  a member of one of the society’s most vulnerable groups.  According to CCRP, the fact that Ms. Sewell was killed in a public area in broad daylight on a busy street in downtown Kingston is cause for great concern.

CCRP Director and Chair of the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) Syringa Marshall-Burnett, in expressing her concern said, “This horrifying incident should compel us to look at two areas that need to be urgently addressed. The mental health issue that is affecting our society and the need to have programmes in place to assist our more vulnerable elders who still have to earn a living. We must look at ways to assist them in coping with day to day issues”, she concluded.

Our National Policy for Senior Citizens states that – older persons should benefit from family and community care and protection and should be able to live in dignity and security, free from exploitation and physical or mental abuse. Yet a lot of our seniors are facing hardships and living in fear.

The CCRP is reminding the nation that our seniors are our treasure, they have made great contribution to the growth and development of our country and we must take collective responsibility to ensure their welfare.

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