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CCRP Member Shares Energy Saving Methods

CCRP Member, Irene, shares some ways in which she has managed to significantly reduce her electricity bill. A word to the wise is sufficient.


My payments made to JPS over the period March-December 2012 showed a steady reduction. The payment made in March 2012 was $11,478.03 and in December my bill amounted to $7756.30.

While it has been trending down, when I have visitors staying thereby using more electricity, it moves up but has never reached that high.

Methods used to reduce consumption.

1. Turning on the water heater for no more than 10 minutes. The water is quite warm but one need not mix it with the cold water.

2. I have changed out my incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs.

3. I now use a motion detector light on my porch at nights.

4. Only when someone approaches the entrance will the light come on. I have reduced the number of bulbs in the chandelier (from 5 bulbs to 3).

5. In addition I iron only once per week.

6. I still use an electric kettle (it boils water faster) microwave and toaster oven but I switch off the power when not in use.

7. I bake once per week.

8. I switch off the power at source on my computer when not in use.

9. I only turn on the overhead fan when I am in a room.

I don’t feel deprived of the several services for which electricity is needed and I enjoy the lower bills I’m getting. Hope you find the information useful.



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