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These are comments from our members regarding Mrs. Sarah Newland-Martin, one of our Living Legacy recipients, who recounted her ordeal at the hands of airport personnel at the Norman Manley International Airport recently in an interview with the Sunday Observer.




Mrs. Newland-Martin,  was recently honoured at our Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Awards Luncheon for her distinguished contribution to social services in Jamaica, her work with the disabled and her work at the Kingston YMCA, where she served as General Secretary for over two decades.


Responses from CCRP members re Sarah Newland-Martin’s experience at the airport recently:

This is so disturbing, they do it to someone like Sarah what can we expect they will do to us?  She is correct, we need to take out these persons both from immigration, customs and the police force – who cannot appreciate and learn the correct way to deal with their fellow human beings in a dignified manner.  And sometimes training cannot help these people –   They will not change – their behaviour and treatment to other persons is imbedded in their make up  and they will not change so they should be fired and be out of the system – get people who are more intelligent and inclined to assess each situation and treat each person like a human being!



Such behaviour and it could be anybody.I wonder how they would feel if that was done to their disabled mother.




I read the article in the Observer and was shocked at the treatment she received.Can you imagine what they would do to me if they can treat her like that? However I felt that the goodly professional and influential professor must have dealt with it on behalf of CCRP.




Another instance of our negligence and thooughtlessness of disabled persons.     BerylI deeply empathize with Mrs Newland Martin.



I was horrified to read about Sarah's ordeal.  She is a wonderful lady who spoke at our prayer community's annual conference a few years ago and inspired us all.  Could CCRP do a letter of protest and ask all members to sign?




I did read this article in the newspaper and the only rationale for this bastardly act is that we are not an informed nation.

We don’t read, we don’t listen/watch local news medium. How else could a supposedly  intelligent Jamaican not have heard of Sarah Newland?It is indeed sad and i  sincerely wish to apologise on behalf of the women of Jamaica, land we love.We have a lot of work to do or rather the younger people.



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