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Major Medical Group Insurance for CCRP Members

CCRP in association with Sagicor Life is offering a Group Major Medical Health Insurance Plan to their members. See summary of the benefits of the plan below.

Laboratory & Diagnostics


Laboratory & X-Ray Services

80% of Cost

Diagnostic Services (MRI requires preauthorization)

80% of R&C

Surgery Benefits


Maximum Surgeon’s Fee

80% of R&C

Maximum Assistant Surgeon’s Fee

33% of Surgeon’s fee

Maximum Anesthetist Fee

40% of Surgeon’s fee

Root Canal Surgery

80% of R&C

Hospitalization Services


Daily Room & Board

80% of R&C

In- Hospital Misc. Charges

80% of R&C

Out Patient  Misc. Charges

80% of R&C

Doctor’s In-Hospital Visit


Major Medical Benefit


Local deductible- per person, per year

JA $100,000.00

Overseas deductible-per person, per year

US $1,000.00

Room & Board- Local

80% of R&C

Room & Board- Overseas

US $100 per day

Additional Payments Under Major Medical, After Satisfaction of Local Deduction


Renal Dialysis

80% of Cost


80% of Cost


80% of Cost

Major Medical Lifetime Maximum

JA $5,000,000.00

Overseas Emergency Coverage-Rider


**R&C- Reasonable and Customary Charges**


Please note this is a Major Medical Plan:

1)  Lifetime maximum of JA $5,000,000.00

2)  There is a deductible of JA $100,000.00

3)  There is a six (6) month waiting period

4)   Each applicant will be medically underwritten, therefore, a medical questionnaire is to be completed by each applicant. 


Total Annual Premium


$12,588.00 - $18,000 ($1000 CCRP Admin. Fee)

Member + 1 Dep.

$25,176.00 - $36,000 ($1,000 CCRP Admin. Fee)


For more information please contact us at 926-6740 or 929-3454 or email us at

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