CCRP honours 62 ‘Living Legends’ in Celebration of Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee

February 9, 2012: Sixty-two Jamaicans who have given outstanding service to nation-building were yesterday recognized and awarded as ‘Living Legends’ by the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP), at its Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Awards held in commemoration of Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee. The event took place at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Over 500 guests packed the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel Ballroom, in support of the ‘Living Legends’.

CCRP presented Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Awards and Commemoration Pins to the stalwarts in nation building, as well as treated them to cabaret entertainment during the Awards Luncheon. Singer and musician Keith Lyn and the Alpha Boys band provided the entertainment, while Legacy Awardee Glenroy ‘Ernie’ Smith wowed the audience with a surprise set of vintage music.

The Awardees have contributed to every area of Jamaica’s life - philanthropy, social work, culture, religion, sports, entrepreneurship/business, science, health, education, media, government, electoral reform, the performing arts, protocol and dispute resolution. Among the Award Recipients were:

  • Professor Emeritus Sir Roy Augier and Mr. Vivian Crawford, Executive Director of the Institute of Jamaica, who were acknowledged for their role in heritage/cultural development
  • Mamma Joy Baker, renown for feeding & caring for poor children in innercity downtown Kingston
  • Professor Edward Baugh for contribution in the field of education and communication
  • Professor the Hon. Anthony Chen, in recognition for his work in climate studies
  • Ms. Sybil Francis for establishment of social work services & training in Jamaica & the Caribbean
  • Mr. Ferdinand Mahfood for the establishment of the largest charity in the Americas, Food for the Poor
  • Hon. Maurice Facey for philanthropy
  • Hon. Barbara Gloudon for contribution to the LTM pantomime & journalism
  • Hon. Karl Hendrickson and Mr. Francis ‘Paco’ Kennedy for entrepreneurship
  • Hon. Oliver Clarke, for contribution to print media & humanitarian effort
  • Dr. Henry Lowe, for contribution in the field of science particularly his research in the area of prostate cancer
  • Hon. Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart for philanthropy, entrepreneurship and contributor to the Tourism sector
  • Hon. Teddy McCook, in recognition for the development/advancement of sports & athletics


Honourary Awards were presented to former Governors General Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, and Most Hon. Prof. Sir Kenneth Hall.

Keynote Speaker at the event was the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General, who commended the award recipients for their unselfish service to the nation. “Let me congratulate you for your outstanding contribution to nation-building,” said Sir Patrick. “You represent the living treasures of this country, and deserve recognition for your effort; time and hard work that have built a solid foundation for succeeding generations. This is what we refer to when we talk about what is right with Jamaica.”

He advised the awardees to make a consistent effort in mentoring the youths. “I will also use this opportunity to encourage our award recipients, and all of our mature citizens, to remember the importance of mentoring the younger generation. With the social challenges currently facing our families and communities, guiding, befriending and encouraging the young is more urgently needed than ever.”

Pointing out that the ageing population is the fastest growing sector, currently comprising 11 percent of the Jamaican population, and projected to represent 15.8 percent and 21.8 percent of the nation in 2030 and 2050 respectively, the Governor-General cited the need for entrepreneurs to apprise themselves of the socio-economic opportunities offered by this demographic of the population.

“Increasing numbers of seniors mean a host of specialised and other age-related services and products will be in demand, in larger and larger quantities. This will offer investment and entrepreneurial opportunities to enterprising Jamaicans including seniors who whish to continue working,” Sir Patrick stated.

Minister of Labour and Social Security Hon. Derrick Kellier and CCRP Chairman Prof. The Hon. Denise Eldemire-Shearer who also addressed participants at the Awards Function, had commendation for the Awardees. Professor Eldermire-Shearer underscored the importance of recognizing seniors’ contribution to society, and their potential and desire to continue making a meaningful contribution. “We also know how challenging it is to be part of a sometimes undervalued group. To be unfairly disenfranchised by barriers such as fixed income or no income due to over low pension coverage, and mandatory retirement age,” noted Professor Eldermire-Shearer. “Not to mention some daunting age-related health concerns and no health insurance, in a society which although making efforts can be unforgiving to seniors.” She called for the talent, experience and wisdom of seniors to be valued and respected.

She noted that CCRP is the first non-governmental comprehensive organization for retired persons in the Caribbean, and has a 600-strong membership. Reminding guests at the Awards Luncheon that CCRP is a serious advocate for all senior citizens, the CCRP Chairman said the loss of health insurance benefits by the WYNDALCO pensioners is a case that has received the attention and lobby efforts of CCRP. Professor Eldermire-Shearer declared, “We have written to the new owners of the company about the unfairness of this broken promise, and we will be pursuing this case as a matter of urgency.”

Professor Edward Baugh delivered the response on behalf of the Award Recipients. He said the effort by CCRP to associate the achievements of the awardees with the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary is a distinction, which shall be cherished by all the awardees. Professor Baugh added, “If, by virtue of this award, we are projected as worth emulating, then in that respect we will have been of that much more service to society, and that privilege will be another gift we have been given, for which we say thanks.”

CCRP is the brainchild of Media Expert Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin and was launched in April 2010. Mrs. Lowrie-Chin outlines that the mission of the organization is to “ensure that the vast talent, experience and wisdom of our seniors will be respected, and that they enjoy the quality of life which they so richly deserve.” Yesterday, CCRP honoured Mrs. Lowrie-Chin for being a ‘Living Legacy Behind the Scenes’; in the pioneering role she has played in founding a proactive lobby group for seniors.

CCRP is serving as a vital resource for retired persons, as well as for those preparing for retirement. It provides free seminars on topics such as financial planning and retirement, personal safety and security, health and wellness, opportunities for volunteering and for mentoring young persons, and a range of educational seminars, among many other benefits.

Sponsors for the CCRP Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Award included: RJR Group, The Gleaner Company, Ocean Spray, Bigga, Sandals Group, Jamaica Broilers, Wray and Nephew, LASCO, Delta Airlines, Hertz International and Creative Productions and Training Centre (CPTC).