Personal Care Discount Partners

CCRP provides a list of Suppliers who have offered special Discounts to our Members. However, CCRP does not hold out itself as to making any guarantee as to the quality or effectiveness of the Product or Services being offered by any Discount Partner and will not be liable for any loss or damage as a result of a Member utilizing those Products or Services.

432 Body Works Spa
11 Ardenne Rd, Suite 9, Kgn 10
(876) 364-4576, (876) 448-1990
Discount Details: 22%

Angela's Transportation Services
Transportation services within the Corporate Area
Call (876) 819 1677
Discount Details: 5%

Aromacare - Donna Singh
876 461 9162
Discount Details: 15%

Bloom - Karin Yoga Life
Yoga and Wellness for 40+ Women
Karin Wilson Edmonds
[email protected]
Discount Details: 20% discount on Bloom membership

Brown's Healing Massage Clinic
Montego Bay
(876) 869 0733
Discount Details: 10% discount on Massage; 5% on Reflexology and Foot Care

Calidad Home Health
Level 9, Panjam Bldg, 60 Knutsford Blvd, Kgn 5
Discount Details: 10% 

Caring Hands - Margaret Schwab
Gentle support for your loved ones

Haircuts, circulation massage, gentle pilates, gentle yoga, stretching, grocery trips, drop-off/pick-up, and more
Kingston only
Phone: 876-345-9579
Email:  [email protected]
Discount Details: 5% 

Computer Tutoring by Corrine
Private Tutoring for Mature Adults and Seniors by Corrine Stewartson
Learn to navigate online comfortably, organise pictures and files, host online meetings, or Customize your Sessions!
WhatsApp/Call 876-501-6743
Discount details: 10%

D2D Transport Company Limited
The wheelchair accessible transportation service

Our service is the bridge between an ambulance and a taxi for persons who are physically and mobility challenged. As such we offer door-to-door transportation. All other information will be provided when called. Currently operating in Kingston & St Andrew and Portmore, St Catherine, and looking to expand to other parishes.
Also available for special requests within the island.
Call or WhatsApp 876-285-0293 or 876-504-9153
Discount Details: 15% discount on any return trip | 10% discount on any one-way trip

Dale Carnegie Training Institute
72 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10
876-754-9748 | 876-381-2266
Discount Details: 25% on training courses

Goldmine Jewellers
Shop #28, Sovereign Centre,106 Hope Road, Kgn 6
(876) 978 3485
[email protected]
Discount Details: 10% on all jewellery items

Home Care Support for Seniors
Donna Singh
(876) 461-9162
Discount Details: 10%-12%

Jani Assist
Personal Assistant Services in Kingston, St Andrew, Portmore and Spanish Town
Shopping, Errands, Tax Office Payments, Customized Services
(876) 802 1202
[email protected]
Discount Details: 5%

Jencare Skin Farm
82 Hope Road, Kgn 6
876 946 3494-7
Discount Details: 10% (Mon-Wed)

La Belle Femme Lingerie & Bra Fit Specialists
53 Lady Musgrave Rd.
876 622 6091
Discount Details: 15% 

Lilibit Creations
Doreen Mallet
(876) 997 9161
Handcrafted jewellery
Discount Details: 15% 

Michelle Baboolal
Health, Home and Beauty products by Amway Corporation and its many companies
(876) 990 5019
[email protected]
Discount Details: 10% - 15%

Organica Whole Foods
Orchid Village, Barbican Road, Kgn
(876) 453 3876
Discount Details: 5% on supplements, home, and beauty products. 3% on grocery items

Retal Supplies: Medical Clothing Food
To place an order or to request a catalogue:
Call/WhatsApp (876) 312 9811 or email [email protected]
FREE Islandwide delivery
Discount Details: 17%

Sanaa Studios  
25 Barbican Road, Kgn 6
876 977 4792
Discount Details: 10% on classes

Sangster's Book Stores Ltd
Visit for addresses and contact numbers for all locations
Discount Details: 5% discount on stationery and books at all 13 locations

Senior Activities
Classes for seniors - art, gentle yoga, technology, pilates, writing, Jamaican folk dance ...
31 Dewsbury Ave, Kingston 6.
Contact: Lisa McLean 876-551-3771

Discount Details: 10%

Skin Fairy Jamaica
Instagram: Skinfairy.ja
[email protected]
876-537-8094 / 876-495-3867
Discount Details: 10%  

Splash Aquaerobics
Water therapy classes in St Andrew led by Tessa Lewin, a certified Water Fitness Instructor by the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA)
Call/WhatsApp (876) 851 2632 to book a class or for information
Discount Details: 12%

Treatment Room
50 Daisy Avenue, Mona, Kingston 6
876 792-1352
Discount Details: 20% on Massage Therapy

Vanity Squad Mobile Beauty and Barber Salon
876-346-5219 (Flow)
876-842-8958 (Digicel)
Discount Details: 10% on all services

Yoga with Enid
Kingston 6
(876) 283 8696
Discount Details: 15%