Young Readers for CCRP Living Legacy Awards

Brandon Howlett, a second-year student majoring in Business Management at the University of the West Indies, is no stranger to reading citations for the CCRP Living Legacy Awards. Having been a young reader last year, he felt great when asked to do it again, as it showed that his reading was well received. With enthusiasm, Brandon is eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to read the citation for Dr. Blossom Anglin Brown who is being honoured for her outstanding contributions in the field of health, and also the citation for Dr. Lilieth Nelson for her outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship, education and culture.

Reading the citations for the awards will be three young adults who will bring diversity to the event and bridge the generation gap. The other young readers are Sashoi Nichols-Dobson and Shantay East, UWI graduates in marketing and journalism, respectively. Both are Account Executives at PROComm. 
Mrs. Nichols-Dobson will be reading the citation for Hon. Steadman Fuller who is being recognized for his outstanding achievements in business and philanthropy. For Nichols-Dobson, Steadman’s achievements highlight that as a professional you can be successful in many areas of life and not be restricted by your area of study. 

Ms. East will be reading the citation for Mr. Pixley Irons who is being recognized for his outstanding services in philanthropy and volunteerism for community development. East noted that she was elated when asked to be a young reader for the prestigious awards and is honoured to be a part of something that acknowledges people like Mr. Irons who go beyond the call of duty. 

CCRP Jamaica will host its annual Living Legacy Awards on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel to highlight five of those individuals 60 years and over who have contributed to the growth and development of the country, going beyond the call of duty and displaying exemplary service and dedication in their fields of endeavour.

The fifth honouree is Dr. Margaret Dingle Spence who is being recognised for her outstanding contributions in the field cancer research and palliative care. She will be unable to attend the ceremony and will be presented at a later date.
This year marks the 10th staging of the CCRP Living Legacy Awards. CCRP takes pride in honoring individuals who not only meet the requirements of their duties but go above and beyond, deserving the utmost recognition. Through these awards, CCRP aims to shine a spotlight on those who truly make a difference and leave a lasting impact on their communities.

The event is sponsored by BPM Financial Limited, Cari-Med Group, Gallagher Insurance Brokers, Juici Patties and National Baking Company.